DocuSign integration is now available!

In our recent update, we have now integrated Omnitrack with Docusign. This valuable feature will enhance the compliance process in a wide variety of use cases, making signing documents with Omintrack extra smooth.

Allow users to sign your forms with a single click

Clients who have licensed the DocuSign integration will be able to integrate their forms with their existing DocuSign account.

Additional field placeholder support

We’ve added the ability to add field placeholders to the ‘Assigned user changed by an end user’ notification.

Penetration test complete

As part of a periodic security tests routine, VinciWorks regularly performs penetration tests by independent security companies who conduct both a grey-box and black-box review. The goal of these tests is to simulate external invasion to VinciWorks’ infrastructure and application levels, in order to examine the soundness of the existing security and defense methods and to locate weaknesses in the communication, application, database and operating system levels that are available to potential attackers.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some counter widgets were displaying blank conditions
  • Fixed an issue with editing form descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where pie charts showing too many options were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the global search on the submissions grid ignoring spaces between two words
  • Fixed an issue where some forms with a custom sender address were sent from the wrong email address