Automatically share submissions

  • We’ve added a new automation action which allows you to automatically share submissions. 
  • Submissions can be shared with either a specific user or with a person that has been selected in a user lookup field as part of the form.
  • Use this new automation to seamlessly share submissions with line managers or other relevant staff members and notify them that action is required. 
Automate the share action to notify relevant stakeholders

Set up custom sender address per form

  • Clients using a custom domain now have the option to set a custom sender address per form. Once set, system emails from Omnitrack will be delivered from your custom address.
  • This allows multiple departments or teams that are using Omnitrack to maintain full control over their communications and process. 
  • To edit a sender address on a form navigate to ‘Edit form’ >> ‘Share your form’.

Option to change the ‘To’ address when requesting more info

  • Request more info from either the assigned user or any shared user on a submission by entering their email address in the ‘To’ field.

Added missing actions to the bulk change menu via ‘select all’

  • Bulk changes via ‘select all’ on the View Submissions page now support all actions including ‘Update Responsible Admin’ and ‘Reassign’.

Form data now available in lookup fields

  • We’ve added the option to dynamically look up the assigned user, last updated date, and created date when adding a Lookup field to your form.

Addition of admin fields to automations

  • We’ve added support for admin-only fields in the conditions of Automations. To use admin fields select ‘Add a condition’ >> ‘Form field’ and select a question.

Bug fixes

  • Export to CSV now includes ‘Last Status Change’ and ‘Last Updated Date’ columns.
  • Removed a misleading error message when admins go from Edit Form back to the submissions grid. 
  • Fixed the appearance of bulleted lists in field titles and descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly changing the key value of a lookup field was causing errors.
  • Fixed the global search for responsible admin.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering a data table in reports would not display your filter condition if you left and returned to the page.
  • Fixed a data issue that occurred when changing a drop-down field to a number field.