User lookup fields

  • A user lookup field allows you to reference your existing user data when filling in a form. If you need to reference a manager or partner on a submission, you can add a User Lookup field and allow people to choose from your up-to-date user list instead of manually entering someone’s details.

All form-related system notifications in one place

  • You can find and edit all system emails relating to a form in the Notifications tab. Navigate to Edit form >> Notifications to review your templates. 
  • All customised templates and settings have been carried over to the Notifications tab.

Limit access to assigned and shared users

  • Direct links to submissions can only be viewed by the users that are assigned or shared on the specific submission.

Addition of automations audit trail

  • All system automations are now being logged in the audit trail. 

Comma seperators in dashboard cards and tabs

  • Thousand separators have been added to all numbers on dashboard cards and on tabs on the View Submissions page to make it easier to read large numbers.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where automation rules using ‘Contains’ were looking for an exact match instead of a partial match.
  • Fixed an issue where some form admins were listed in the reminders dropdown multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where conditional logic dropdowns were displaying field names out of order.
  • Submission drawer dates are now always consistent with the submissions grid in every timezone.