Form performance enhancements

  • Data collection in Omnitrack is fast and simple. This latest release includes a complete overhaul of the ‘forms engine’ which makes the Omnitrack experience of filling in and reviewing forms faster and smoother.
  • The new forms engine features quicker navigation, seamless data input, and improved handling of very long forms with complex logic.

Ease of use improvements

DAC6 dropdown field with search
  • The new top bar will be ‘sticky’ at the top of the screen and always available to users, including:
    • An autosave indicator which lets you know when your changes have been saved and it’s safe to close the form
    • New and cleaner “share and reassign” icon
    • New and cleaner “export” icon
  • Dropdown search
    • Dropdown fields now include a search bar so users can easily find the value they are looking for
  • New date picker
    • The date picker has a new look and will no longer get hidden by pesky browser suggestions or other fields

Admin dashboard redesign

Admin dashboard with newly-designed folders and forms
  • The main administrator dashboard has been redesigned to improve the visual appearance and to show more useful information to administrators at a glance.
  • You can now create folders to help organise your forms by department or by type. (Folder permissions are coming soon to restrict admins to specific folders.)
  • Tick the top-right corner of a form or folder card to view the new actions menu. You can now manage and organise folders and forms in bulk.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a typo on the reminders page.
  • Fixed the issue where paragraph fields were not displaying all of the text by default.
  • Fixed the dashboard sort not saving your last preference.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering the emails audit trail by subject gave an error.