Assignee Feature

  • We have added the ability to assign an admin to a specific submission!
    • This feature should improve the post submission workflow, as it allows multiple admins to collaborate on the review of a submission. Users will receive an email notification when a submission is assigned to them.

Changes to the ‘Assign Admins’ page

  • This is the page in form builder where you decide which admins can access the form. We have changed the name of the page to ‘Add admins’.
  • Updated the interface to look a lot better and removed unnecessary text explanation.
  • Changed the notification functionality
    • The notifications for new submissions are no longer global for all admins; you can now set notification preferences for each individual.
    • Added a notification option called ‘assigned to me’ for admins who only want to receive email notifications when they’re assigned a form.
  • Added the option to define a default assignee on the form
    • All new submissions will get assigned to the default assignee when it’s set.

New form setting

  • Admins can now choose where submissions that do not get flagged should be sent by default
    • Inbox
    • Register
    • Archived

Data Integration 

  • We’ve introduced an API that will support data integration with HR systems
  • Data integration is included with your Omnitrack purchase (but requires some IT setup.

Grid design enhancements

  • New! Click a grid row to view the full submission. You no longer need to click ‘View Submission’ on the Inbox. You can open a form by clicking a row on the grid.
  • We tightened up the design so more data appears on the grid
    • This includes less spacing and removing the big action buttons that used to sit at the far right of the grid.
  • Action buttons have been moved under the menu but also appear on the form now.

Update to SSO settings page

  • Zeev gave the SSO settings page a nice makeover which includes a new ‘download metadata’ button & PDF instructions for ADFS setup. 

Bug fixes

Email templates

  • Fixed text in two of our email templates
  • Fixed the problem of the admin welcome email being sent to users.