Omnitrack version 2.0.6

Single Sign-on

  • SSO is here and better than ever
  • We have built a dedicated ‘settings’ page within Omnitrack where more technical users can set up SSO on their own.

Public API’s

  • Made very good progress on opening up APIs for client use. This should become available on the settings page in the next week or so.

Export grids on reports

  • You can now export a grid from the reporting page.

Bug fixes

Audit trail display issue

  • The audit trail for form submissions was being pushed off the screen when the form was too long. We implemented a fix that limits the number of columns displayed by default.

Spelling mistakes

  • Fixed a couple of spelling mistakes in the user interface. Please let us know if you find any more!

Penetration test fixes

  • Worked on remediation from the recent pen test.