New course release – Whistleblowing: Understand Your Rights

Whistleblowing training screenshot

VinciWorks has released a new whistleblowing course. Whistleblowing: Understand Your Rights provides a comprehensive overview of whistleblower rights within the UK. The aim of the course is to improve the culture in every organisation so that employees feel comfortable whistleblowing where necessary.

The course will cover the following main topics:

  • What is whistleblowing?
  • Why should you whistleblow?
  • Whistleblowers of the past
  • Legal protection from whistleblowing
  • Protected whistleblowing categories
  • Whistleblowing disclosures
  • Gagging clauses in employment contracts
  • How should you report whistleblowing?

Special course features

Screenshot of whistleblowing course

In order to enhance the learning experience, the course also contains a number of unique special features.

  • Real-life scenarios showing where whistleblowing may have helped prevent disaster
  • Real-life scenarios showing where whistleblowing has helped to prevent disasters
  • Practical guidance on how to whistleblow correctly

Online whistleblowing portal

Screenshot of Omnitrack's whistleblowing portal
Administrators can either customise existing whistleblowing reporting templates or create their own form

Omnitrack’s whistleblowing portal is a solution designed to capture all breaches, complaints and issues in one secure framework to mitigate organisational risk in real time. Complementing our training, the portal transmits an ultimately powerful message to employees and management that their corporate culture is truly transparent and ethical.