How can law firms demonstrate ESG commitments? 

Although ESG has been steadily gaining traction in the corporate world and becoming a top priority for many businesses, many law firms are lagging behind. 

This may be because ESG has developed outside of a regulatory landscape. But legislation is beginning to catch up and law firms, as key corporate service providers, are being expected to consult and strategize on ESG for their clients. Companies are relying on their lawyers’ skills to implement internal ESG goals.

For law firms, internal ESG will largely be up to the firm itself: each firm will have to ask itself what are its priorities and where can it have the largest influence. Law firms can stand out from the competition by demonstrating to prospective and current clients that their own, internal ESG efforts are robust and world-leading. To start with, there are some fundamental pieces of ESG infrastructure every law firm should have in place. 

VinciWorks has developed a new guide covering everything law firms need to know about the legal sector and ESG. The guide presents ESG strategies for professional services and focuses on what law firms can and should be doing to strengthen their ESG commitments.

The guide includes suggestions on how law firms can demonstrate their ESG commitments, 

how law firms deal with each aspect of ESG, explains why clients need to be considering ESG, provides an overview of how some law firms are spearheading ESG, looks at some ESG failures and their consequences, and more.

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VinciWorks’ ESG gap analysis

We are on a mission to make ESG accessible and actionable. Designed for those who feel overwhelmed by ESG and confused about where to start, our ESG action plan enables companies to build and execute an ESG plan quickly and efficiently. 

VinciWorks has built a tool to: 

  • Identify your ESG risks and opportunities 
  • Set ESG goals 
  • Build an ESG roadmap

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