New FCPA course – FCPA Knowledge Check

FCPA short course screenshot
Users get instant feedback on their answer to each question

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is a piece of American legislation aimed at outlawing bribery of foreign officials. The Act applies to those with formal ties to the US, such as US nationals or businesses incorporated in the US, as well as foreign nationals and entities who are in the US at the time of the improper conduct.

In addition to our core FCPA course, VinciWorks has just released a five-minute FCPA knowledge check. Knowledge checks consist of different scenarios to help employees understand which course of action to take in different situations.

The five minute FCPA knowledge check covers:

  • The requirements of the FCPA
  • Who the FCPA relates to
  • Examples of FCPA breaches and acts considered as bribes
  • Scenario questions
  • Examples of acceptable facilitation payments under FCPA

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