New data protection course module: A Guide to Global Data Protection

Screenshot from latest data protection module to be added to the course

VinciWorks has just added a new module to the course Data Protection: Privacy at Work. The new module explores and contrasts data protection legislation in countries around the world. This new module consists of an interactive guide to global data protection, whereby users can easily lookup the answers to a range of questions they may have about the data protection laws in various countries. This allows businesses to easily familiarise themselves with the data protection laws in any country they operate in and ensure they comply.

Compare data protection legislation between countries

Screenshot of new data protection module

Users can easily compare the data protection legislation of countries around the globe

The latest addition to our course allows users to not only explore the data protection regulations in a particular country, but to also compare the laws in each country to those of other countries. For example, if your company operates in both Egypt and Romania, users will be able to compare key details such as whether both, or either, country has a national data protection law, rules on direct marketing or a separate cyber security law.

For this latest module of the course we have integrated anĀ online tool from the following source

Data Protection: Privacy at Work available in multiple languages

All staff in your organisation should have a clear understanding of how GDPR affects their role. Data Protection: Privacy at Work is now available in multiple languages, including French and German, and has been amended to include the data protection laws in the related country. We are also able to translate any of our other courses into a range of languages.