Online sanctions training

The field of economic sanctions has been growing increasingly complicated in recent years and was thrust into the spotlight when Western nations launched an unprecedented line of sanctions against Russia in February 2022 following its invasion of Ukraine. Many businesses were caught off guard by the sudden changes. 

While countries use sanctions as a diplomatic tool to apply economic pressure on threatening regimes, their implementation is often not well understood by the workers in charge of applying them. 

VinciWorks’ new, updated suite of sanctions courses provides your staff with the tools to understand and comply with sanctions requirements during volatile times. The suite of courses teaches users how sanctions are applied and how to comply with sanctions requirements. There are two versions of the course: An short, introductory overview for general staff (five minute course), and an in-depth detailed course that provides an in-depth explanation of how to conduct sanctions compliance in the UK, US, EU and UN countries (20 minute course). 

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Topics covered

  • What are sanctions? 
  • What do you need to do to comply with sanctions?
  • Screening individuals
  • If a client appears on the sanctions list
  • Sanctions enforcement
  • Review questions

Learning outcomes

  • Understand global sanctions regimes for different jurisdictions
  • Understand how sanctions affect your business
  • Apply processes for customer screening
  • Identify red flags and report them

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