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VinciWorks Releases a New Course on Fraud and Market Abuse

This 20 minute course explores two of the most common forms of financial crime: fraud and market abuse. The course will expand on terms related to fraud and market abuse such as “inside information”, “insiders”, “insider lists” and “insider trading”. Enrolling your staff on this course will provide them with an understanding of the different factors affecting fraud and market abuse. It will also help them identify red flags in the company or industry.

What is Market Abuse?

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Fraud is becoming more common in the property market

Market abuse is the act of manipulating public equity markets for financial gain. This comes in the form of insider trading or misleading the public. It is often done in the form of distorting prices, withholding important information or manipulating the true financial figures of a company or stock. These actions are illegal, affect millions of people whose savings are invested in the stock market and erode the public’s trust in financial markets.

What Constitutes Fraud?

Fraud is the act of being dishonest for the gain of an individual or organisation. It is most commonly found in the buying and selling on intangible objects such as stocks, shares, bonds and intellectual property. It is also rife in real estate and the buying and selling of personal items. Not all cases of fraud reach the level of criminality, although it is considered illegal globally. A guilty verdict can result in long jail sentences, as well as irreparable damage to the reputation of companies involved in the fraud.

VinciWorks Fraud and Market Abuse Course

VinciWorks’ new course on fraud and market abuse is designed to educate people on what insider information is and their responsibilities as insiders of public companies. It also explores how to prevent the inadvertent leaking of public information.

The course:

  • Provides a background on the issue of fraud and market abuse
  • Explains the mechanics of market abuse and what to look out for
  • Helps participants understand fraud and how it takes place
  • Looks at key legislation to further understand the issues surrounding fraud and market abuse
  • Explains reporting procedures in the case of noted fraud or market abuse

The course also enables participants to review what they have learnt. This is possible with a quiz covering some key topics in the course. We have also included in the course a short PDF summary of the main topics.

Fraud and Market Abuse Course Demo

This new course is now available for purchase. Email us at training@vinciworks.com to learn more.