Appropriate for all staff, the course challenges learners to reassess their attitudes towards cyber security. It educates users on the sophistication of modern hackers and drives users to adopt safer cyber behaviours.

The course is designed as a 25 minute journey through a series of short interactive apps. Each app tackles a different topic and provides actionable advice for improving cyber security. The final app is a test section which verifies understanding.

Users will learn how to identify suspicious files or attacks, explore best practices for online communication, and acquire tools for integrating cyber security into their work flow.

After completing the course users will:

  • Understand how easy it is for employees at any level to cause irreparable damage to the brand
  • Know how to identify and report cyber attacks including phishing attacks, fake websites or suspicious files
  • Know how to identify and avoid social engineering
  • Understand the dangers of using the same password on multiple sites and using insecure passwords
  • Learn best practices for online communication

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