VinciWorks’ new anti-bribery knowledge check is part of our full anti-bribery learning plan suite. The knowledge checks are short, five minute courses that test a user’s understanding of the key aspects of a topic through interactive questions and scenarios. As well as using our pre-made knowledge checks, you can build your own.

The knowledge checks can be used as a stand-alone resource or as part of a full anti-bribery multi-year learning plan.

Course features:

  • Fully customisable
  • Review definitions of relevant terms
  • Review key concepts and legislation
  • Tests users’ knowledge of what to do in various bribery-risk scenarios
  • Gives users a chance to review best-practice for organisations in order to avoid bribery and report suspicions

VinciWorks’ full anti-bribery learning suite

Anti-bribery training course builder
Anti-Bribery: Fundamentals begins with a course builder that delivers the most relevant course to each user

The full anti-bribery training suite, which offers a comprehensive, multi-year learning plan, is suitable for all types of users in an organisation, from rookies to veterans. We have a number of bribery training options depending on the needs of your business, with customisable training options so every user has a learning experience individually tailored to their training requirements.

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