Guide to anti-money laundering in 2018

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What to expect this year in AML

2017 was a big year in money laundering. The EU deadline for the implementation of the Fourth Money Laundering Directive came and went, with the UK passing its Money Laundering Regulations 2017 just in time, even as other EU nations rushed to catch up. However, the ink hadn’t even dried on the bills as the EU reached an agreement on the Fifth Money Laundering Directive late in December 2017, with the final text due to be agreed upon sometime in 2018.

Download an anti-money laundering compliance timeline for 2018

There are some important money laundering milestones to bear in mind for 2018. VinciWorks has published a month by month guide to anti-money laundering in 2018. The guide, 2018 – the year in money laundering, includes some of the key upcoming moments that relate to money laundering in 2018, including the fallout from the Fourth Directive, preparing for other crucial changes such as GDPR, and the expected FATF review of the UK.

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Anti-money laundering e-learning training

VinciWorks’ latest anti-money laundering course, AML: Know Your Risk, covers six interactive modules and allows users to delve into realistic anti-money laundering scenarios. Users can also receive instant feedback on their answers to the questions in the course. You can demo the course for free here.