Mental Health: The duty to care and ending the taboo

Even before the pandemic hit, employers were beginning to see the importance of addressing mental health issues in their workforce. With the ongoing effects of the pandemic still affecting so many of us, the importance of treating mental health as a priority has only increased.

With a widespread acknowledgement of the cost of mental health issues to employers, individuals, and the health service, there’s diminishing tolerance and protection for employers who choose to do nothing.

VinciWork’s award-nominated mental health course, Mental Health: Wellbeing at Work, aims to help end the culture of silence around mental health. The interactive course helps users understand some of the causes of stress at work and what they can do about them to help both themselves and others. The course features a mental health risk self-assessment, which can be taken either as part of the course or as a stand-alone exercise.

What is the “stress at work” assessment?

The interactive self-assessment asks users to answer questions about work-related stress. The assessment addresses issues such as career satisfaction, workload, work-life balance, job security, and interpersonal work relationships. As soon as users answer the questions, they are provided with instant feedback giving them a summary of their stress risk.

While this is all very well, how can administrators use that information to gain the knowledge they need to help provide the duty of care they owe their employees and take action where necessary?

The benefits of integrating the assessment with VinciWorks’ reporting and tracking tool

Enter Omnitrack, VinciWorks’ flexible reporting tool for collecting, analyzing and reporting data. The tool turns forms and questionnaires into immersive, engaging experiences for users and allows administrators to collect rich, actionable data while users take e-learning courses and completely interactive assessments. 

The integration of the mental-health risk assessment with Omnitrack helps administrators play an important role in monitoring their staff’s mental wellbeing by allowing them to gain an overall understanding of how staff are affected by stress and helping them find ways to support staff who are struggling with work-related stress or anxiety.

How it works

Stress at work risk assessment dashboard

Users’ answers to assessment questions feed into Omnitrack where administrators can unlock rich and actionable data about their users by tracking completions, reviewing the data and then promptly addressing situations that need further attention.

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