A large international firm with over 500 lawyers in 11 countries approached VinciWorks with a problem. Its employees are required to complete mandatory AML training every year. To facilitate this requirement, the firm set up easy online access to courses, and sent emails with login details and clear instructions for how to complete the training to everyone at the firm. Yet, despite their efforts to make compliance with this policy easy, course completion rates were alarmingly low.

After 3 months, only 13.6% of the firm had completed the training.

With this completion rate, the firm risked non-compliance with the regulatory requirement to train employees on the regulations and risks related to money laundering.

VinciWorks helped the firm implement the advanced features in the VinciWorks Legal Learning Management System Pro Edition, and after only three months, course completion rates tripled!

CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW WE DID IT: Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 3.21.02 PM


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