How does your organisation collect and process gifts and corporate hospitality given to your staff? How do you track the gifts given by your staff to current or potential clients?

Globally, organisations are bound by complex and ever-changing legal obligations and industry-specific compliance requirements. Clients also often expect their professional service firms to have certain risk management procedures in place, such as gift registers and anti-bribery training. But without a structured and secure data collection system, organisations can waste time and resources trying to ensure compliance.

Omnitrack is VinciWorks’ solution to collecting, storing and managing data. The Omnitrack Gifts and Hospitality Register allows managers to receive instant notifications for all gifts given and received. This enables them to make informed decisions on the next steps, such as whether to approve or deny the gift in question.

How does the Gifts and Hospitality Register work?

Omnitrack allows everyone in an organisation to report on gifts and hospitality via its form. The register works through our three-step process:

1. End User Form

Administrators can easily customise our form. They can amend the existing fields, such as by adding links to your organisation’s policy. Admins can also ensure certain answers are always flagged (such as for gifts made to government officials).

The form is then made available to all employees to complete whenever your organisation gives or receives a gift. 

2. Inbox

Once complete, form submissions are passed to the inbox where the admins can review them.

3. Register

The admin or manager then decides what to add to the register, determines the next course of action and notes the risks they have identified.

Gifts and Hospitality Register – an Omnitrack product

VinciWorks’ Gifts and Hospitality Register is part of our data processing and management tool, Omnitrack.

Product features

  • Customise the form to meet your organisation’s requirements 
  • Manage approvals and flag submissions
  • Generate instant reports to analyse all data collected
  • Report instantly
  • Track and review changes with a full audit trail
  • Securely upload documents to the portal, such as gift receipts or internal policies 

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