Calendar showing when GDPR is in force
The EU wide General Data Protection Regulation comes into full force on 25 May

VinciWorks GDPR Training Course

With so much GDPR compliance to get done, figuring out a training schedule for staff can seem like an impossible nut to crack. That’s why VinciWorks have made it as easy as possible to figure out what staff need trained on what, when and how often.

VinciWorks’ flagship online training course, GDPR: Privacy at Work does the hard work for you with a unique course builder and training modules specifically tailored to every role in an organisation. With thousands of possible course combinations available, it’s the sure-fire way to get the right training in front of the right staff at the right time. Our GDPR training suite provides further GDPR courses and knowledge checks.

VinciWorks has developed an entire suite of helpful GDPR resources to guide your organisation on its way to compliance. For a more in-depth look at training requirements for different departments and job roles, review our suggested schedule below that includes what resources to roll out post-GDPR to assess comprehension and understanding.

GDPR training schedule

GDPR: The BasicsGDPR Compliance AssessmentGDPR: Privacy at WorkGDPR Marketing Knowledge CheckGDPR: The GameMicro course: Six Principles of Data ProtectionGDPR Knowledge Check
Marketing Dept
HR Dept
IT Dept
Client facing staff

GDPR compliance tools checklist

VinciWorks’ additional tools and resources will help guide and support GDPR compliance. Review the additional resources we have below and what will be useful for whom. The resources below are all available on the GDPR resource page.

Management (inc. DPO)Marketing DeptHR DeptIT DeptClient Facing StaffProcurementGeneral Staff

GDPR: A Guide to Compliance
GDPR: 10 things to do now
Guide to being a DPO
Digital Marketing guide to GDPR
HR Guide to data protection
IT staff guide to data protection
Guide to risk based third party due diligence
Webinar series
GDPR policy template
Privacy policy template
Privacy policy template
Risk assessment: Will you need a DPO?
Checklist: Preparing for GDPR
GDPR Mythbusters series