In 2019 we expanded our course library significantly into new areas such as DAC6, health and safety, and USA compliance. We also added in-depth training, refresher courses and short knowledge checks to existing topics.

Below is a list of the courses released in 2019.



Best practice for GDPR compliance training is to enrol staff in GDPR training every year. The GDPR refresher course, GDPR: A Practical Overview, combines short bursts of learning with practical scenarios and real-life case studies to ensure all staff know how to safely and securely work with data.

Demo GDPR: A Practical Overview

The course features specialist modules for specific job roles and GDPR responsibilities are added to the course based on the user’s responses to the personal course builder. These specialist modules can also be used as separate, micro-learning modules:

Health and safety

VinciWorks’ Health and Safety for Office Workers course is specifically designed for people who need to know about health and safety in an office.

Demo Health and Safety For Office Workers

The course delivers short, interactive health and safety training units which are customised to the specific office they work in. Those units can also be used as separate, micro-learning:

  • OH&S: Health and Safety Law
  • OH&S: Accident Reporting Procedures
  • OH&S: Basic Ergonomics
  • OH&S: Site and Building Security
  • OH&S: Display Screen Equipment
  • OH&S: Fire Safety Awareness
  • OH&S: Safe Evacuation
  • OH&S: Basic Electrical Safety
  • OH&S: Basic First Aid
  • OH&S: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

SRA Standards and Regulations

On 25 November 2019, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) replaced with SRA Handbook with the new Standards and Regulations. VinciWorks’ SRA training suite will help legal professionals, including support staff, to develop an understanding of the relevant regulations which apply to their specific role in the law firm.


In addition to our suite of UK, EU and international courses, we released a suite of training specifically for compliance with US regulations.

Data privacy

Harassment training

This training complies with new regulation in New York and California for harassment training.


Coming in 2020

Over the next few months, we will complete our 2020 course development plan. That said, we can tentatively announce some of the topics likely in the next year. Those topics include:

  • Mental health
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Ethics and code of conduct
  • New versions of money laundering courses

Note: this is a tentative schedule and is subject to change as we continuously review the compliance training needs of our clients.