Engie highlights how EssentialSkillz completely changed its compliance process for the better.

The previous DSE assessment our company implemented was a paper-based questionnaire thus making it difficult to track completion and ensure compliance. Issues that arose were often difficult to identify and resolve as the responsibility was on the individual to complete the assessment and hand this in.

As a solution, we introduced EssentialSkillz online DSE training. The DSE training module outlines the risk and importance of DSE and offers an online assessment for individuals to complete. This has allowed us to enhance our current induction process as it is a requirement for all new starters to complete the training and assessment. This allows for any issues to be properly highlighted and addressed in a timely manner.

The benefits of having the training online allow employees to complete the assessment whilst at their workspace using their work equipment. Issues that are flagged can be resolved with ease and often there isn’t the need for them to be escalated. It also offers the added benefit of offering the user suggestions on how to rectify certain issues there and then so that high-risk issues are minimised. This also reduces the need for a qualified DSE assessor to visit the individual to assess them which saves the business money and also time.

In addition to this, having the training centralised allows us to track completion and the system prioritises flagged issues in three categories (High/Medium and low) allowing us to deal with problems easily.  Again this has been a time saver and has ensured we remain compliant with our DSE requirements.

Finally, as an added bonus, we were able to add the Health and Safety and Fire Awareness modules to the online system as part of our induction training which was much more effective than the PowerPoint presentation that we previously had in place again enhancing the new starter experience.

All queries are dealt with accurately and on time; all the team at EssentialSkillz are very helpful and provide an excellent service.

The system has exceeded our expectations in many ways. For example, the ability to add more courses was not on our radar when we first subscribed but it presented us with the opportunity to enhance our induction and some of our classroom courses to promote a more blended approach to training.

The WorkWize system has really transformed the way we conduct our DSE and Health & Safety training, and I would not hesitate to recommend EssentialSkillz in the future.

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