Tax advisers are still unable to report DAC6 arrangements in Spain due to the lack of a reporting system. The EU’s DAC6 Directive requires reporting of historical arrangements by the end of February, but the Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria) has not yet enabled a mechanism to make a report.

The Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (Aedaf) announced at the end of January that it will be impossible for them to comply with their DAC6 obligation as the Ministry of Finance has not yet approved the regulations to do so. Furthermore, the Spanish Government has not yet responded to the clarifications requested by tax advisers providing them with guidance on which arrangements to report. 

It is assumed that the treasury will need to introduce new ad hoc deadlines in order to allow taxpayers and their advisers to comply with the legislation. This might result in the EU Commission introducing infringement provisions for Spain’s failure to meet the deadlines stipulated in the DAC6 Directive. 

The Spanish Ministry of Finance admits that the regulation is pending approval but they maintain that the obligations contained in DAC6 will be fulfilled without problem.

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