DAC6 implementation – country-by-country guide to compliance

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DAC6 guide to country-by-country implementation

The DAC6 compliance requirements of global businesses vary from country to country. Not all EU member states have yet finalised their guidance and additional details, such as legal professional privilege and penalties vary between each state. To help firms save time and money on conducting their own research, VinciWorks has collaborated with Transfer Pricing Services to create a concise country-by-country guide to DAC6 compliance. The guide can be purchased either together with our DAC6 compliance solution or as a standalone tool.

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What’s in the guide?

  • Tax authority and legislation
    The tax authority of the country, with a link to their website, the name of the legislation, status of implementation and date of publication
  • Legislative details
    Which taxes are covered, whether domestic transactions apply and any additional hallmarks
  • Legal professional privilege
    Who has legal professional privilege and how it applies to DAC6
  • Forms of reporting
    How to report, details of online reporting and the language the report is available in
  • Penalties
    What warrants a penalty and the minimum/maximum fine
  • Additional relevant information

What’s included with the purchase of the guide?

Upon purchasing the guide, firms will receive a PDF version of the guide, with the option to also receive up to two hard copies of the guide. Due to the fact that EU member states are still working to finalise their DAC6 implementation guidance, all firms who purchase our guide will receive updated PDF versions of the guide delivered to your inbox as updates become available. We will also send our clients regular email updates highlighting the key changes countries have made with regard to the implementation of DAC6 as well as complimentary access to all DAC6-related guides, webinars and blogs.

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