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Whistleblowing Compliance
Reporting Solution

Our dynamic solution allows organisations to comply with whistleblowing regulations around the world

Whistleblowing regulations — Are you compliant?

Whistleblowing regulations in the EU, UK and US increase the reporting and training responsibilities of businesses of all sizes, with the new EU Directive granting additional protections to whistleblowers and increasing the scope of regulations.

Many businesses still lack adequate reporting processes to allow individuals to anonymously report suspicious and inappropriate behaviour. Simply having a designated reporting person or a static form hidden among the pages of on-boarding documentation does little to ensure staff feel comfortable coming forward without fear of any repercussions. Organisations that make it easy for staff and members of the public to make a report are more likely to avoid huge reputational and financial loss.

VinciWorks' whistleblowing solution allows businesses to capture all breaches, complaints and issues in one secure framework to mitigate organisational risk in real time.

Whistleblowing reporting solution Key features

Supplier Tracking screenshots
  • 2-way confidential reporting in line with the latest regulations
  • Ready-to-use form and dashboard
  • Add an easily accessible link to your company's intranet
  • Regardless of your industry or location, questions can be adapted to your specific needs and requirements
  • View all submissions via the customisable dashboard
  • Automate flagging of high-risk submissions and assignment of tasks, and reminder emails for further action

The six steps to managing whistleblowing

Log incident

A complaint is submitted. This can be done anonymously if the reporter wishes.


Administrators receive an email notification and informs relevant parties of the complaint.


Review the incident and decide on next steps.


Follow up report by gaining any extra information from the reporter.

Risk mitigation

A risk assessment is carried out to avoid the incident occurring again.


Update the dashboard and monitor the incident and related risks.

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Whistleblowing FAQs

What is whistleblowing in the context of compliance?

What should you report under the whistleblowing policy?