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Cyber Security Training for all Companies

Protect your organisation from the next attack

Train your entire staff on cyber security best practice

Human error remains the most likely cause of cyber breaches, with phishing emails the no. 1 tactic used by attackers. In more sophisticated attacks, such as spear phishing attacks, emails will target individuals or organisations, being more personalised to include the victim or company’s name. Such attacks can have a devastating impact, often resulting in sensitive information being compromised and financial repercussions.

Our vast and expanding cyber security training suite prepares users for all cyber risks. It includes hours of training, hundreds of micro-learning modules and topics from social media to IT security. These courses and micro-learning units can easily be configured into a multi-year training plan.

Stress Training

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Knowledge Checks

The benefits of cybersecurity awareness training for employees

Up to 30% of all cyber breaches happen as a result of employee error, many of which are due to carelessness or ignorance. The best way to keep you and your business safe is to train yourself and your business on cyber security. With the right training, employees will understand how easy it is to cause irreparable damage to their company, how they can identify and avoid breaches and attacks, and cyber-security best practice such as good password practices and more.

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