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ESG can feel like a complex and confusing topic, from finding the right data to track to aligning to frameworks. Are ESG frameworks mandatory, or even necessary for ESG? Which framework is right for which industry and size of business, and what’s the benefit, or not, of aligning to a framework for ESG?

In this webinar, our Director of Product Alona Stern and Director of Learning and Content Nick Henderson explored what frameworks mean, how to align with them, and which one, if any, may be right for your business. We also heard from Amanda Latham, Associate and Policy & Strategy Lead at professional services consultancy Barnett Waddingham. Amanda shared insight on her journey to becoming involved in ESG, including chairing the stewardship workstream of the Investment Consultants Sustainability Working Group (ICSWG).

This webinar covered:

  • The most popular ESG frameworks
  • What the difference is between the different ESG frameworks
  • Why you might align to a framework, and why not
  • How to align to a framework and get started
  • How VinciWorks can help with ESG

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Free guide: ESG — What businesses need to know

Global businesses are no longer working on environmental, social and governance issues in a silo. They are bringing them together under the banner of ESG to demonstrate the positive impact the business is having on the world. We have created a guide to environmental, social and governance factors with case studies and examples to help businesses that want to get started on ESG initiatives.

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