Freight in boxes at a port
The new sanctions will affect Iran’s port operations

5 November saw the end of the 180-day wind-down period since President Trump announced the re-imposition of sanctions on Iran. August 6 saw the first set of sanctions snap back into place, and from today, the remaining sanctions are in effect, including on:

  • Iran’s port operations and energy, shipping and shipbuilding sectors
  • Iran’s petroleum-related transactions
  • Transactions by foreign financial institutions with the Central Bank of Iran
  • Any sanctions lifted under the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2012

VinciWorks has produced a comprehensive guide to complying with the latest US sanctions on Iran. The guide has been updated for the end of the 180-day wind-down period.

Download guide

You can also review the original blog from August, giving some background to the US withdrawal from the Iran deal, what it means for businesses, and VinciWorks’ sanctions training tools and policy templates to help you comply.