On-demand webinar: Code of conduct — How to get your staff on board

A strong code of conduct is vital for employees to know what is expected of them.

How do you ensure your staff are able to easily grasp your code and put it into practice without feeling overwhelmed or bored? And how do you succinctly cover topics as diverse as discrimination and harassment to bribery and cyber security?

In this webinar, we were joined by Hershey’s Head of Ethics and Compliance, Sonia Zeledón, to explore the challenges of effectively managing and training on codes of conduct.

The webinar covered:

  • The challenges of code of conduct compliance
  • How different organisations are sharing their codes of conduct with their staff
  • What we can learn from Hershey’s code of conduct
  • What effective code of conduct training looks like
  • What VinciWorks can do to help

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VinciWorks’ build-your-own code of conduct training

Code of conduct training gif

Our CoC course is a build-your-own, fully customisable experience that enables organisations to instantly turn their hefty, complex documents into a bespoke interactive course.

Decide everything from course colours and branding to the content in each unit. The exhaustive training library covers all areas of ethics and conduct in depth, leaving you to choose the topics and detail-level relevant to your organisation. You can then modify any words directly on the page to fit your internal terminology.

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