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Having an age-diverse workforce enables organisations to draw on a broad mix of ideas, skills and experience while at the same time gaining key insights into the needs of multi-generational customers and service-users. Where younger employees might have a strong grasp of new technologies and web-based business media, for example, older staff can bring experience, maturity and vital inter-personal skills – all of which combine to deliver huge benefits. However, bias around age often means that employers are failing to reap these benefits and employees of all ages are falling victim to negative stereotypes, with worrying implications for their careers.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • the potential impact of age bias on recruitment, development and training, and on interpersonal relationships in the workplace
  • why an age-diverse workforce can give your organisation a healthy combination of fresh thinking, new ideas, stability and experience
  • why it’s important to understand the different generations in the workplace, what shaped them and what motivates them
  • how cross-generational initiatives such as reverse mentoring and multi-generational team-working can help to tackle age bias and support better staff development and employee relations.

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We've a certain casualness, I think, about ageism, and women in particular do suffer more from ageism earlier. That's, I think, partly linked to the beauty industry, which tells us that we can look the same forever and we don't look the same forever.

Baroness Camilla CavendishSenior Partner, Pearn Kandola LLP

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