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Director of Best Practice Gary Yantin was once again joined by Director of Course Development Nick Henderson to help you prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation. During the webinar, Nick delved into the world of privacy notices. 

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The webinar covered:

  • What should be included in privacy notices
  • How to write your privacy notice
  • The changes required under GDPR
  • The use of cookies and how to address it in your notice
  • How the new rights under GDPR could affect your privacy notice
  • During the webinar Nick also answered some key questions about privacy notices.

Key findings

  • GDPR requires that privacy notices are concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible
  • There are four ways to provide a privacy notice: Electronically, face to face or on the phone, in writing, through signage and posters
  • 68% of attendees did not feel their current privacy notice was compliant with GDPR
  • 66% still do not use best practice concepts in their privacy notices

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