Submission timeline redesign and improvements

The timeline feature is essential for tracking submissions through their lifecycle. It tells you what changes were made, who made them, and when. As such, we’re happy to deliver a new and improved timeline experience that will be even more reliable and easy to use.

  1. Tracking changes just got a whole lot easier. All changes to a submission will create an update event on the timeline and clicking the “view changes” link will now display an easy-to-read list of the changes made.
  2. When an automation or reminder triggers a submission it will create a new event on the timeline. Those events now display a link back to the specific automation or reminder the event was created for. This means you can easily track down the automations that may not be working as intended.
  3. We’ve made various behind-the-scenes improvements to ensure the reliability of the timeline event creation and order.
  4. Automations using the “webhook” action will create a webhook event on the timeline that includes the webhook status.
Timeline view after clicking on a view changes link

New public API added

We’ve added a new public API for updating the value of a user lookup field. API documentation can be viewed in the ‘Configuration’ page of your Omnitrack system.

Penetration test completed

As part of a periodic security tests routine, VinciWorks regularly performs penetration tests by independent security companies who conduct both a grey-box and black-box review. The goal of these tests is to simulate an external invasion of VinciWorks’ infrastructure and application levels, in order to examine the soundness of the existing security and defence methods and to locate weaknesses in the communication, application, database and operating system levels that are available to potential attackers.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the user’s page was not displaying the correct information under the ‘added via’ column
  • Fixed an issue where some anonymous forms were redirecting to the login page