Features & improvements

Folders for admin dashboard

  • Admins can now organise their forms into folders. You can get started with folders by selecting ‘New folder’ on the forms dashboard. 
  • Sorting preferences on the dashboard will now automatically save between sessions. 

Counter widget improvements

  • The counter widget can now count responses for dropdowns, multi select questions, and date fields.

DAC6 reporting

  • Reporting for Taxpayers is now available for all relevant jurisdictions.
  • We’ve implemented XML reporting for Romania and Lithuania.

Form and field deletion

  • The system will now display more details about which form or field you are about to delete to avoid any nasty accidents. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue for clients using SSO where direct links to forms in system emails were not directing admins to a specific submission.
  • Fixed an issue where the width of the grey background on exported submissions sometimes varied from page to page.
  • Fixed an issue where field placeholders were not appearing properly in reminder emails to administrators.
  • Fixed an issue where turning a customised system notification off and back on would revert the email text back to the default template. 
  • Added more detailed error messages to the user bulk upload process.