The best companies are investing in diversity because they know a diverse workforce, and more importantly, one where everyone feels included is critical to long term success. New  talent  and  younger  generations  often deliberately choose workplaces where diversity is celebrated, and a business with a global outlook needs to put diversity front and center.

But the places we grow up in, our own education and cultural background can prove a challenge to managing a diverse workforce. Our own ideas about race, religion or sexual orientation may not be shared by colleagues in other parts of the world, and sometimes the systems and processes in our companies are not always set up to deal with a global workforce.

VinciWorks has created an in-depth guide that reviews some of the most important diversity issues facing a global workforce today and provides practical tips for managers. The guide includes information on many different diversity issues, including ableism, ageism, bullying, sexism, LGBTQ+-based discrimination, pregnancy and parental discrimination, racism, religious discrimination, and sexual harassment.

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