New guide: COVID-19 and compliance – Getting back to work

Front cover of COVID-19 back-to-work guide

The UK government is encouraging businesses in certain industries to return to their office where possible. There are a myriad of compliance issues to consider when transitioning from home back to the office in line with government guidance.

VinciWorks has created a new guide designed to help you plan for returning to the office as and when you can. The guide will help you identify the compliance areas that should be considered. This includes health and safety, GDPR, financial crime and more.

The guide covers:

  • Health and safety when going back to work
  • Financial crime compliance and how to mitigate risks
  • GDPR
  • Social distancing
  • Good practice guidance for returning to the office

Download the guide

COVID-19 resource page

To help managers and staff get to grips with the challenges presented by COVID-19, we have built courses, updated existing training, published guides and shared insightful blogs around several compliance areas affected by the pandemic. The resources include new and updated compliance training, on-demand webinars, guides, blogs and more.

We have collated these resources onto one central page so you can easily bookmark the page and share it with your colleagues.

Download the guide