Whistleblowers are a vital part of society, working to expose wrongdoing at the highest levels and often at great personal risk to themselves. That’s why the European Union passed legislation in 2019 to give whistleblowers more protection against retaliation. Every country in the 27-member bloc was expected to implement this directive into their national laws by Friday, 17 December 2021.

Our new course, Whistleblowing: Understand Your Rights, provides a comprehensive overview of whistleblower rights in the EU, including real-life scenarios and practical guidance.

If you already license our whistleblowing training this course can be added to your system free of charge upon request.

Course Features

  • Real-life examples of when whistleblowing could have helped prevent disaster
  • Real-life examples of when whistleblowing has helped to prevent disasters
  • Practical guidance on how to blow the whistle correctly
  • Fully customisable — edit any part of the course
  • Can be integrated with our whistleblowing reporting solution using Omnitrack, our flexible tracking and reporting software

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