New Course Available in Multiple Languages Including Emoji, Pirate and Yoda

Business continuity course Gif
In VinciWorks’ latest course, users can easily switch between languages via an onscreen widget

A recent survey of senior risk managers uncovered the following scenarios as the top unforeseeable risks to business continuity:

  • 😟 Emoji’s taking over the 👑 Queen’s English 😟
  • Yer cabin bein’ relocated t’ a pirate ship
  • By a Death Star has your office been attacked

Preparing your staff for any eventuality through effective training in the proper language is key to successfully recovering from a crisis.

Business Continuity – be ready for any event

The new course Business Continuity: Being Aware equips your organisation for these risky, albeit remote, situations with training in the most relevant language.

Free demo

Business Continuity screenshot
Are you ready for English to be replaced by Emoji?

Course features

  • Switch between languages with the onscreen language widget
  • Fully customisable to include internal procedures
  • Available in SCORM

The course can be added to your Learning Management System upon request. Other languages are available at an additional cost.