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This course acts as an introduction to neurodiversity with an emphasis on how it can impact people in the workplace. It looks at the strengths that neurodivergent thinkers can bring to organisations, the challenges they face, and what those challenges reveal about the workplace itself. It explores strategies and inclusive practices in order to create the best possible conditions for neurodivergent thinkers to thrive in the workplace.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • the meaning of the term ‘neurodiversity’, the various ways that it can impact on people, and an overview of the main associated conditions or differences
  • whether neurodivergence is a disability and the role that external factors play
  • the importance of creating reasonable adjustment plans and management performance strategies for neurodivergent thinkers
  • the need to support carers of neurodivergent thinkers in the workplace.

Course sample

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Neurodiversity is everywhere, so if your team are only neurotypical you're only designing for neurotypicality, and you're missing a huge part of the population.

Dr Nancy DoyleFounder, Genius Within:Co-director, Centre for Neurodiversity at Work, Birkbeck, University of London

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