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We are all are motivated by different things. At the most basic level, we’re driven by simple needs – such as being safe or having enough to eat – but once these fundamental requirements are satisfied, what motivates us or gives us purpose varies considerably from person to person, and workplaces are made up of individuals with very different and sometimes contradictory motivators.

Understanding individual motivation and how it affects our behaviour and engagement at work is a key skill for leaders who want to attract and retain talent, maximise productivity and steer their organisations through periods of change and uncertainty.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • why being able to motivate others is a crucial skill for leaders
  • the different factors that shape our personal motivation
  • the 8 basic needs that determine our personal motivation
  • how an understanding of individual motivators can be used to inform performance management conversations and improve staff engagement and productivity.

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We know that people who describe themselves as being motivated also describe themselves as being more optimistic in their outlook, more resilient and more engaged in their organisation. They are also, interestingly, more inclined to do things outside the scope of their job.

Stuart DuffPartner, Head of Development, Pearn Kandola

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