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I'm pleased to say that the full course - Domestic abuse: Supporting employees in the workplace - and short film are now available to download from our Members' Resource Centre (MRC). I'm delighted with the feedback we have received from the Lived Experience videos launched last month, so please continue to share your feedback on this topic or indeed any in our range. A quick overview below for you:

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Domestic abuse

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Racial bias

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Menopause, intersectionality and inclusion

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Domestic abuse: Supporting employees in the workplace

Domestic abuse is not just a personal matter for people to deal with in private, but a key concern for all employers. With many people working from home for a protracted period during the Covid pandemic, instances of domestic abuse have increased dramatically and had a devastating impact both on employees’ physical and mental health, and on their performance at work.

*This course contains references to suicide, domestic violence and abuse.

Being able to spot where domestic abuse may be occurring and taking appropriate action to protect and support staff is therefore a crucial aspect of an employer’s duty of care. This course will look at the different forms that domestic abuse can take, its prevalence and its impact, and sets out how to spot the warning signs that someone may be experiencing abuse, and what organisations can do to ensure they are providing appropriate help and support for survivors among their employees.

View course sample: Domestic abuse

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Online course

A 30-minute video-based online course with notes and quiz.

Short film

An overview of the key learning points in a 14-minute film.

Lived experience

True-life stories, which are pertinent to the course topic.

Webinar 16th November 2022: Racial abuse – the employees’ perspective

We will be holding our next Webinar on Race on 16th November 2022, and I’ll keep you posted on plans for one on Domestic Abuse or other topics in our range. Further details will follow, but please pencil this in your diary (12.30 pm).

3 new social videos

Conversation starters to support learning around the topics of menopause, intersectionality and being your authentic self at work.

What’s your kind of place?

Workplace inclusion is about creating an inclusive working culture where people can bring their whole selves to work if they wish to, where everyone feels respected and valued and knows they will be given the opportunities, support and resources they need in order to achieve their full potential. Be the place where people want to work.

Will you talk about the menopause in your workplace?

Raising awareness about the menopause is key to tackling stigma and having constructive conversations with staff and colleagues. Stigma and ignorance around the menopause can make it difficult for managers to have conversations with their staff who are going through the menopause.

It’s an intersectional thing

Think you know everything about the people who work for you and with you? People are multi-faceted in their identities. We can only create a truly inclusive working environment if we apply a holistic approach to inclusion – and to be truly effective, intersectional thinking needs to cut across all workplace activities, not just those specifically dedicated to inclusion.

If you are interested in the costs for our compliance suites, then please drop us an email, even just to compare with your current supplier. If the compliance topic of interest is not available in the two published suites, then do let us know as we have access to a broader range of topics from our sister company VinciWorks.

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Suite 1: Compliance fundamentals

Suite of core compliance topics including anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, FCA compliance, modern slavery and tax evasion.

Suite 2: Cyber and data awareness

Suite of training to help reduce the human risk of cyber attack and data breaches. Training on information security, cyber security, GDPR, CCPA, as well as micro-courses on phishing, ransomware and social media.

Compliance guides, templates and policy

Included in all packages, a collection of policies, best-practice guides and other resources to help your organisation comply with the latest regulations.

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