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I'm pleased to provide a further update from the Skill Boosters team.

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Lived experience:

Domestic abuse

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Neurodiversity at work:

A straightforward guide

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New lived experience videos: Domestic abuse

These are now available to download on our Members’ Resource Centre from our Home page and Film Library/Lived Experience section in the well-being category.

*This content contains references to suicide, domestic violence and abuse.

There can be many reasons why people experiencing domestic abuse are reluctant to speak up or seek help, from fears around their personal safety to concerns about being judged by their friends and family, employer or colleagues. Being able to spot where domestic abuse may be occurring and taking appropriate action to protect and support staff is therefore a crucial aspect of an employer’s duty of care.

Lived experience

True-life stories, which are pertinent to the course topic.

Coming soon:

Launching this autumn, is our new online platform designed for self-managed learning. Available as a bolt-on addition to your ALP subscription, is a website where your people can self-register for access to all Skill Boosters courses, micro-courses, short films and lived experience videos at a time, place and pace to suit them. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information at this time.

Next course:


We will be launching before year-end, and I’ll be in a position next month to provide finer details regarding dates.

People are multi-faceted in their identities and may identify with several different marginalised or minority groups at the same time – for example, they may be black, a woman and a lesbian, or they may be a disabled Muslim man from an economically deprived background. These overlapping identities can result in multiple and intersecting forms of bias, discrimination and disadvantage both in the workplace and in the wider world. 

Intersectionality provides a framework for considering peoples’ overlapping identities and experiences in order to understand the complexity of biases and prejudices that they face and take steps to address any resulting inequality or discrimination. Using personal stories and original drama, this course explains the concept of intersectionality and demonstrates how taking an intersectional approach can support greater inclusion.

Neurodiversity guide

Following the feedback on our Allyship Guide, we have now created a Neurodiversity Guide which can be downloaded from the Members’ Resource Centre course landing page or the Documents/Learner Notes section.

Neurodiversity is the term that describes the idea that there is naturally occurring variation in the human brain, which
can impact a series of brain functions such as how we interact with one another and how we process information.

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Haviva YanoverDevelopment and Partnerships Manager

Suite 1: Compliance fundamentals

Suite of core compliance topics including anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, FCA compliance, modern slavery and tax evasion.

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Compliance guides, templates and policy

Included in all packages, a collection of policies, best-practice guides and other resources to help your organisation comply with the latest regulations.

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