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We spend a lot more time trying to influence other people than we might realise. From our earliest years at home and at school, we grow up learning how to influence our friends and family and we learn – often the hard way – what works and what doesn’t. Being able to persuade and influence people is a key skill for everyone, but it’s particularly important for leaders who need to communicate a particular vision and get people behind that vision to make it a reality.

This course looks at why we might need to influence others in the workplace, sets out a range of different influencing behaviours and strategies and shows how we can improve our own ability to influence those around us.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • why we might need to influence other people in the workplace
  • key behaviours that support more effective influencing
  • tactics and strategies for influencing
  • the technique of influencing through ‘story-telling’
  • how we can practice and improve our own influencing skills.

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Influencing is one of the core leadership skills. If you think about what leadership is all about, it's about that ability to set a vision and then align other people behind that vision to deliver it.

Louise WestonManaging Psychologist, Pearn Kandola

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