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Giving feedback is an essential part of supporting staff development in the workplace and creating a learning culture. Feedback helps to develop both individuals and teams by raising awareness of their strengths and highlighting areas where improvement may be needed. Although giving honest and effective feedback might seem straightforward, there are some basic steps that can help to give people the confidence they need to make sustainable positive changes. This micro-course looks at how to use the appreciative enquiry model to give regular, constructive feedback in a way that stimulates development and motivation, and shows how anticipating likely responses to feedback can help us to pitch key messages at the most appropriate level.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • why regular constructive feedback is essential for staff development
  • why feedback needs to be a two-way process
  • how to use the appreciate enquiry model to provide feedback
  • how to anticipate responses to feedback and pitch key messages appropriately
  • how effective feedback can be used to build confidence and enable people to make sustainable long-term improvements.

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Feedback is at the heart of learning and change - without feedback it's very difficult for most individuals to evaluate how they are performing.

Stuart DuffPartner, Head of Development, Pearn Kandola

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