The COVID-19 crisis has profoundly affected how we live and work – including creating an army of remote workers.

Our new risk assessment tool on Home Working, accessible through our Astute eLearning platform, is designed to make the transition from office to home easier. Focusing on the three core areas of your home workspace (environmental factors such as DSE set up, electrical safety and lighting/temperature), working design (equipment, policies and performance expectations) and taking care of yourself (workload, working hours and connections), the risk assessment provides an overview of the home working experience. It includes a section for workers with people management responsibilities.

The home working risk assessment flags up any difficulties with the home working situation. These can then be discussed with managers to make sure the process runs smoothly for everybody.

In this new reality that we’re all facing, adaptability is key. Asking employees to complete this risk assessment enables them to raise any issues they may have with the new working arrangements and makes sure nobody is facing health and safety risks.

Designed specifically with the COVID-19 situation in mind, the risk assessment can be used at any time for home workers and will still provide a useful resource once the crisis has subsided.

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