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As a user of display screen equipment (DSE), there is legislation called the DSE Regulations which requires that your employer provides you with a suitable workstation, as well as taking steps to protect you from the risks of working with display screen equipment. Using DSE (i.e. PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones) for extended periods or using them incorrectly can result in fatigue, eye strain, upper limb problems, back and neck problems, repetitive strain injury, stress, headaches and more.

VinciWorks’ ergonomics assessment takes employees who work at a desk through a short interactive analysis of their workstation. Take three minutes to complete the assessment while sitting at your desk. The answers to the questions presented in the assessment can be collected and reported using VinciWorks’ online reporting solution.

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VinciWorks’ OHS training and reporting solution

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VinciWorks’ health and safety compliance solution includes interactive, customisable training and a central reporting portal for assessing workplace health and safety risk. Our course, Health and Safety for Office Workers, delivers short, relevant and interactive health and safety training units that can be customised to the specific office of each user. Our assessments, covering the five key risk areas of the modern office, provide employers with instant feedback highlighting potential workplace risks; the results can be aggregated into charts in seconds and red flags can easily be tagged and monitored.