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Having an environmental sustainability policy is a valuable way for a company to clarify its commitment to managing its environmental impact. It can also serve as a valuable component of your ESG toolbox.

An environmental sustainability policy can help provide a vision for employees to understand their roles and responsibilities. It can also help improve company decisions, reduce costs, and improve efficiency across the organisation.

Additionally, having such a policy can help improve relationships with customers and suppliers who want to see a commitment to sustainability.

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But the thought of putting one together yourself can be overwhelming. VinciWorks has created an environmental sustainability policy template that you can customise for your own organisation.

The comprehensive template includes a brief introduction to the subject and guides readers through the policy, clarifying all relevant points such as the aim of the policy, who in the organisation is responsible for the policy and who it applies to. There is also a formulation for an environmental sustainability statement that can be used as is or customised, as well as statements and explanations about the natural environment and an organisation’s assets, sustainable travel, waste and recycling and sustainable procurement. In addition, the template includes a statement about an organisation’s duty to the wider world, a section on information technology and sustainability, and guidance for training and staff involvement.

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Download policy template