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Tax Evasion

Are your staff sufficiently prepared for the Criminal Finances Act? Ensuring everyone is familiar with your organisations’ procedures to prevent facilitation of tax evasion will go a long way to protect your company from prosecution. We have therefore created a tax evasion code of conduct policy template based on the Criminal Finances Act that can easily be edited and made available to all staff, clients and stakeholders.

What should a code of conduct include?

A tax evasion code of conduct should include any processes and procedures in place to help ensure staff are not, either knowingly or unknowingly, facilitating tax evasion.

A tax evasion code of conduct should include:

  • The importance of such a document
  • Who is responsible for monitoring compliance
  • Responsibility of employees
  • Available training on the topic of tax evasion
  • Risk assessment strategy
  • Mitigation procedures in place
  • Key contact information and details of the company’s whistleblowing procedures

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