Diversity course updated to include guidance against sexual harassment

2017 ended with a flurry of allegations against high-profile men, many of whom in the music and entertainment industry, as well as allegations against members of Parliament. The allegations came to light following Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace after several women accused him of sexual assault and rape. In late 2017, the #MeToo campaign on social media, together with a BBC survey showing half of the women in the UK have been sexually harassed in the workplace, shed further light on how serious and rampant the issue of sexual harassment at work has become.

Diversity course updated to increase awareness

VinciWorks has recently updated its course on diversity to include background on the topic of sexual harassment and guidance on how to promote a culture that protects all staff from sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct. The updated version includes:

  • A background on sexual harassment
  • Alarming statistics surrounding sexual harassment
  • Links to informative articles on the topic
  • Further guidance for the workplace
Screenshot of sexual harassment section of diversity course

The updated course on diversity covers the topic of sexual harassment

Demo our online diversity course for free

As well as sexual harassment, VinciWorks’ e-learning diversity training covers topics such as prohibited conduct, direct and indirect discrimination, unconscious bias, guidance on ensuring your workplace¬†endorses a discrimination-free and multi-channel diversity culture. You can learn more about our diversity training here.

Free diversity and sexual harassment resources

It is a legal requirement for organisations to have relevant policies in place and staff should be made aware of them. Our sexual harassment policy template can easily be edited to suit your organisation and inserted into your existing policies. It can be downloaded here. You can also download a fully customisable equality and diversity policy template.