We have today announced the availability of our newly refreshed and expanded Anti-Money Laundering (AML) collection of online training courses. With a comprehensive offering of 16 courses, the AML collection provides everything an organisation needs to train employees about compliance with AML best practices and legislation, and in turn, ensure their business remains compliant and avoids financial penalties.

The updated collection of training solutions allows organisations to navigate recent changes to AML legislative requirements, and through a catalogue of courses, offers guidance on global best practices. Available in various course lengths and learning styles, the online training supports different learning preferences. This includes immersive training, detailed study, gamification and interactive courses, toolbox talks, adaptive courses, diagnostic assessments, and ‘take 5’ microlearning courses.

With organisations facing increasing scrutiny surrounding anti-money laundering legislation, educating employees on the importance of recognising red flags and reporting suspicious activity are fundamental to ensuring compliance. Using AI-powered technology and diagnostic assessments, the adaptive AML course saves employees valuable time by only recommending learning content they need to know – adapting learning pathways to each individual. Adaptive learning not only reduces costs but improves employee engagement with compliance training.

Leveraging the scenario-led immersive courses allows employees to use gamified scenarios to learn due diligence, understand global best practices for AML compliance and find out how regulated and non-regulated sector businesses have different responsibilities.

The new list of courses include:

“Time and time again, financial and non-financial institutions fall victim to lack of compliance with anti-money laundering legislation, causing them to face extortionate sanctions. Mitigating this risk is key, and that can only happen with the right training,” highlights Darren Hockley, Managing Director at DeltaNet International. “With the global workforce dispersed across a mix of office, hybrid and remote teams, ensuring employees understand the latest AML regulations and how they each have the responsibility to their organisation to report suspicious activity is critical. We are thrilled to have extended our course offerings for AML compliance to provide a comprehensive overview, allowing organisations to provide more effective training.”

For more information on DeltaNet’s AML training courses collection, please visit:¬†https://www.delta-net.com/anti-money-laundering.

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