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Building resilience is all about developing the skills we need to withstand pressure, change and trauma in our lives and improving our ability to recover from setbacks and adversity. In the working environment, resilience enables us to cope with increased pressure and demand, handle problems constructively and approach organisational challenges such as redundancy, downsizing and restructuring with greater equanimity.

In this course, we look at the benefits that resilience can bring in both our personal and professional lives and how we can embark on our own resilience-building journey.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • what we mean by ‘resilience’
  • how resilience can help us in our professional and personal lives
  • the seven habits of resilient people
  • what we can do to develop our own resilience.

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Deciding to do a course on resilience is about deciding to take the initiative and not waiting until the problems occur, but actually to build up one's inner strength, one's thinking styles, one's sense of confidence, how we interact with other people and just generally how we operate in the world, so that we're better able to tackle the inevitable challenges.

Barry WinboltPsychotherapist and writer

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