A guide to the New York sexual harassment laws

The words sexual harassment being written on a typewriter

Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio have been busy putting the city and state on
the right side of #MeToo, the global anti-sexual harassment movement. A flurry of
new laws and requirements on New York State and City businesses have been
added to the books, with more coming into force over the next few months. VinciWorks’ free guide will help to ensure your business is ready for October 9, the key date by which all New York State businesses must provide compliant training on sexual harassment.

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About the NY state and City sexual harassment laws

A host of new laws and requirements have been added by Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio, with more to come in the coming months. Here are the key points to remember in each.

New York State

  • Non-employees now covered under the new laws
  • Decision on confidentiality now in the hands of the person making the claim of harassment
  • Mandatory arbitration clauses banned
  • Non-disclosure provisions banned
  • Mandatory interactive anti-harassment training from October 9, 2018

New York City

  • All employers now covered regarding claims of gender-based harassment
  • Statute of limitations for filing claims of gender-based harassment increased from one year to three years
  • City contractors must report on policies, practices and procedures to prevent and address sexual harassment
  • Employers with 15 or more employees must provide training

VinciWorks’ new course on sexual harassment and bullying at work, MyStory

VinciWorks’ new harassment course, MyStory: Harassment and Bullying at Work, directly applies the lessons of the #MeToo movement to the training sphere. The course brings to life the real impact of bullying and harassment at work through hard-hitting stories, connects users to a global movement, and gives them a chance to have their story heard too. The US version of the course is built to comply with the New York State and City sexual harassment prevention laws coming into force in October 2018. You can try the course for free here.